POP Displays and Branding

It’s often a challenge to effectively brand your product in the marketplace especially when surrounded by a plethora of messages and consumer stimuli competing for eyeballs. Many factors come into play, including social media which is increasing in prevalence these days, leaving branding frequently weighing heavy on the corporate mind. If not poised to act with a solid plan, marketing can easily and rapidly eat up costs and resources that may waste more than generate. Everything associated with your products, from manufacturing and packaging to shipping and sales, has the potential for positive impactful branding. Our customers recognize the value of good branding practices, from advertising to merchandising, and they appreciate that we work well with them to increase their brand recognition and product sales when designing and manufacturing their POP displays.

The Skies No Limits

Many of our customers aim well higher than the clouds when their branding goals are concerned and we encourage them to do so, especially when they get us involved to assist them achieving their desired results. As a corrugated solutions provider and a point of purchase display manufacturer for almost four decades, we’ve grown more innovative and skillful with each passing year, creating effective retail merchandising tools for our customer base. Listening to and clearly hearing what our customers seek to achieve is akin to planting fertile seeds in the talented minds of our Brown Packaging team. Customer specs, requirements and details along with our experience, innovation and talent fertilizes and facilitates optimal growth of some incredible display unit creations. We are quite proud at Brown Packaging with the way we productively work with each other and every one of our customers. We take pleasure in helping to make our customer’s products look good, better, best.

Have Mascot Will Display

There are several ways to incorporate your company mascot or recognized endorsement figure into point of purchase displays. At Brown Packaging we’ve pretty much had experience in all of the conceivable ways to achieve this image incorporation. Whether it’s a cartoon mascot or an actual celebrity body, there are other ways to utilize a figure above just basic imaging. Some customers have requested that their entire display unit be designed and constructed as the actual full shape of the mascot itself. Others opt for the full image of a celebrity or brand character as an elemental part of their POP display. Regardless of the details or requirements, we have the talent and know-how to deliver on your vision. Our satisfied long standing customers appreciate our ability to produce their desired creative impact, and they often tell us we’re doing a fine job delivering more than expected. Visit our website and take a look at a few of the display units we’ve created over the years, then give us a call and share with us what you seek to achieve.

Benefits of Growing and Learning

At Brown Packaging we grow smarter and learn more each year about our customers, our manufacturing practices, raw materials, consumer climate, emerging retail trends, and environmental concerns… in truth, there’s always much to learn and grow with in our business. What we learn we’re able to effectively pass on to our customers to save and make them money. We manufacture and deliver quality corrugated products, solutions and most often, effective results that even exceed customer expectations. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and technology and marry it with the skill and talent of our team of passionate people to facilitate customer goals. We consciously exercise our awareness of the environment and the safety of our people and the generations to come. At Brown Packaging we strongly feel we are responsible for all our output, both in the corrugated products we produce, and in the energy of our customer service and corporate consciousness. We are poised for excellence and competitively positioned to create high quality, fair priced corrugated solutions of value to all businesses in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and across Ontario.