POP Displays Work in Motion

Once fully assembled and stocked with product POP displays tend to get moved around, they don’t always stay in the same place on the retail floor. Sometimes display units are set up, stocked and restocked, disassembled and transported to another location to be assembled and filled up again another day. Activity such as that requires good solid strength of design and construction. In a situation like this the unit will require longevity of looks and durability. Over the past thirty plus years in business we’ve created several corrugated displays for our customers to utilize at industry trade shows, exhibitions, sales conferences, retreats, Farmers Markets and much more. We always take into consideration the heavy usage and functional portability of the display units we design for our clients to ensure the best outcome.

Mobility of Corrugated Display Units

At Brown Packaging we’ve had customers come to us with specific mobility requirements for their POP displays. Easy assembly, stocking, disassembly and transportability become factors in the overall structural design. Since we always start with the highest quality raw materials to make our corrugate linerboard strong and structurally sound, we have an excellent base for construction. Designing an easily manageable and sturdy display is something our design team enjoys the challenge of creating. Our customer feedback lets us know we hit our mark when we hear how easy our corrugated solutions were to transport and work with.

Size Matters for Display Units

Our team of highly skilled designers maximize the potential of the area allowance for your point of purchase displays. Whether it be a floor unit, countertop or pallet design, the height, width and depth maximums and the size and weight of the items to be displayed all factor into the design. Size matters, especially if there’s also design graphics to incorporate into the dimensional equation. All the design potential relies on a solid foundation, in more ways than one. We only use quality raw materials, innovative, eco-friendly manufacturing practices, and our excellent structural design allows for a solid unit that is feasible for any size and weight of product. Brown Packaging designers are all about the details and will take into consideration issues like re/stocking, which could become a laborious process with a poorly thought out and constructed display unit.

The Ease of Usage

As a point of purchase display manufacturer successfully doing business for well over thirty years, it’s imperative to produce strong, excellent quality units for the demands of all types of usage. Issues arising from poor design, construction or ill figured dimensions can become evident when removing or restocking products in a display and that may lead to frustration and time consumption for both consumers and store staff. POP displays are meant to confidently feature products and enhance a brand, not hinder growth which can cost a company time and money. Our customers expect us to continuously deliver excellence, and they encourage us to challenge our innovation and skills in the creation of custom designed POP displays. We diligently take the time to discover more about our customers, their business and product positioning in the marketplace so that we can best serve their staff and end users who will be interacting with the display units themselves.

Ensure Your Success

Wherever you’re at in your company’s sales and marketing strategy, the need for effective in-store merchandising will arise. Consideration of effectual point of purchase displays may be of great benefit to your business in getting your products moving to the cash register. Take a look at what Brown Packaging has to offer customers in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and across Ontario. Visit our website, give us a call and together we can create the best corrugated merchandising solution to ensure your success.