Powers of Point of Purchase Displays

Regardless of the products your business offers for sale, chances are you’ve addressed and possibly even utilized the power of point of purchase merchandizing, in particular POP displays. Extending past retail shelves and counter top real estate, display units have the ability to do more than just sell product. They can involve with consumer to brand interaction, they can remind with brand recognition, they have the ability to clearly convey a message, all this before even making a sale. Activities such as these contribute to brand awareness and loyalty. At Brown Packaging we understand the power of effective product display and how it can positively impact success in business.

Retail Floor Real Estate

Much like with the atmosphere of high school, merchandising real estate is very clique-ish and quite strict in retail structure, regardless of store type or sales environment. As a product coming into a store on any given day, your placement rarely has any solid geographical guarantees. Staple products and impulse items typically have a general locale; however there are few options outside of shelves, aisles or ends. Unless you’re fortunate enough to land some time in a floor or countertop space where, by way of a POP display unit, you can display your goods. Now you’re ready to really kill it… or be killed… right off the retail floor as a non-performer.

Mixed Messages

The retail space, as a whole experience, offers visual information overload to shoppers, therefore effectively standing out and grabbing eyeballs becomes paramount to purchasing revenues for your product/s. In a sea of competing stimuli and a multiplicity of messages, you benefit most from a fine looking display to give your product a fighting chance of being seen and picked up. As a successful point of purchase display manufacturer we have the experience and know how to maximize the potential of every single square inch of each display unit we produce. Although we carry an assortment of basic, plain corrugated POP displays, we excel and delight in custom orders where we co-create magnificently effective merchandising solutions. Custom orders allow us to discover opportunities to generate optimal value for our customers.

Pump up the Point of Purchase Display Visuals

Visual appearance is monumental in the design and creation of any POP display. The utilization of vibrantly captivating colour, expert graphic shapes and contouring, structural design and functional use of space all factor in to maximizing the image appeal of the unit. When employing the merchandising solution of corrugated point of purchase displays, it’s crucial to clearly and rapidly draw in purchasers to successfully convert looks into sales. Your products must be showcased well, be easily removed from the display unit for purchase and also be simple to quickly restock. At Brown Packaging we know how to pump it up and make your displays work for you to achieve goals.

Life Like Extra Impact

Consider incorporating a brand mascot or endorsement image and/or structure into your POP display. At Brown Packaging our innovation in print imaging and graphic design is capable of life like visual output of say a famous athlete or celebrity favourite. This imaging efficiency has participated in several social media marketing campaigns for our customers allowing for effective brand interaction, involving contests, incentives and brand hype. The use of QR codes, product/store apps on handheld smart devices, landing pages and social media accounts are additional beneficial elements to maximize the potential of a POP display. We’re hip to the latest in technology and trends, and we work very well with our customers to integrating their marketing and promotional campaigns.

We’re Here When You’re Ready To Shine

Almost forty years of experience in designing and creating high quality corrugated merchandising solutions, for our customers in the GTA, Burlington and the Golden Horseshoe, has afforded us a level of product value and customer service excellence that we’re more than pleased and proud to provide. Customer satisfaction is our focused goal with each and every order we receive and product we send out. When you’re ready for a revamp of an existing design or you have the need for a custom creation to display your goods in the marketplace, contact us at Brown Packaging. Together we will co-create the goals and vision you seek to achieve.