Prioritize Efficiency over Beauty for Your Packaging and Design

Few businesses truly innovate and offer original products. After all, doing so requires a huge investment in research and development, planning, and execution. It is far more likely for new small businesses to sell others’ businesses’ products at a slight markup. What makes you stand out from your competition, however, is the attention you pay to your customers and the value you provide to them. Effective packaging and design is much more appreciated than packaging that looks good, especially if your customer is interested in receiving a durable product more than how it looks.

Every small business owner and operator wants slick packaging and design, regardless of its costs or structural integrity. However, slick packaging is not appropriate when you are first starting a new business.

Here, in more detail, are three reasons why you should opt for effective packaging and design when you are just starting out, rather than focusing solely on the appearance of your packaging.

Customers Care More About the Product

Customers care more about your products, and the state they arrive in when shipped, than your packaging and design. You could have packaging that looks great and draws potential customers from across the street but if your packaging is flimsy and cannot protect your products while in transit, your customers will demand refunds or replacements. It is not worth the risk to develop sleek packaging if you cannot ensure it will effectively protect your products.

Focus on ensuring your product is safe, rather than wrapping it in expensive-looking, yet flimsy, packaging. Save that for later when your company’s revenue streams are stable.

Companies Change Their Packaging and Design All the Time

There is no rush to make your packaging attractive as quickly as possible. There is no rush. You can always change it later. Many companies change their packaging and design every few years or so to continually entice new and old customers alike.

However, just because your competition has sleeker packaging than you does not mean you need to outdo them. As iterated previously, customers care about good packaging, rather than simply good-looking packaging. Your first priority when creating a lasting relationship with your customers is to deliver quality products and services to them. Good packaging and design should be a secondary concern to you.

It Is Almost Impossible to Screw up with Effective Packaging

If your packaging and design is effective and can protect your products while in transit, it is practically impossible for your customers to find fault with it beyond its bland appearance. If you can establish your small business as a provider of durable products and packaging, you will gain loyalty from customers who value those attributes in their purchases. When you upgrade your packaging and design later on, making it more attractive to customers then, you will “wow” your customers and potential customers alike.

It is better to be known as the small business owner that can deliver durable products. Let your competition be known for their sleek packaging and flimsy products. Customers usually purchase more durable products that can last longer to avoid having to purchase multiple copies of a less durable, yet more attractive, product. You can witness this in any business in any industry, from cars to shoes to musical instruments. Customers value durability and the quality of the good rather than its appearance. Be known as the company that provides the former, not the latter.

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