Recycle Your Corrugated Boxes to Keep Costs Low

Recycling is not just for paper or plastic products. You can recycle most anything you have, although there are some steps you have to take recycling specific items like televisions. Luckily, cardboard boxes are not as difficult to recycle. You can either put them in a designated recycling bin, or place them next to your trash. Recycling boxes helps your bottom line!

When getting rid of old and used corrugated cardboard boxes, you may want to simply throw them in the trash. However, you can make a positive impact on your wallet, as well as the environment, by recycling your old boxes. Simply put, recycling your boxes allows for future boxes using recycled materials to be cheaper, and therefore more affordable for small business owners just like you.

Recycling is a great process for business owners to appreciate and participate in. Recycling your old boxes makes for a better planet, and the process can also save you money in the long-term. Recycled cardboard boxes are turned into new boxes, since the materials can be reused over and over again.

This process makes recycled boxes cheaper to purchase, which lowers expenses for you down the line. Here, in greater detail, is the process of recycling corrugated containers. Learning how this process works will help you understand the benefits of purchasing corrugated cardboard boxes.

Cardboard is Sent to Paper Mills

When you put your cardboard containers in the recycling bins, these containers are flattened, bound with twine, string, or the like in bales, and sent to paper mills. At the mill, the bales are opened, and the cardboard is collected and inserted into a large machine called a pulper.

The pulper fills with water, wetting the cardboard in the process. The water weakens the cardboard, and the cardboard falls apart. After a while, a fiber slurry of cardboard is formed.

Removing Contaminants from Corrugated Boxes

While the pulper is turning the cardboard boxes into a slurry, a rope or chain hanging in the pulper catches contaminants which may still be attached to the cardboard. Some types of contaminants include tape, as well as plastic, metal, and string.

Basically, anything in the pulper that is not cardboard is a contaminant. This process is important to ensure the recycled cardboard is pure.

The Pulp from Corrugated Boxes is Repurposed into Paper

Once the slurry is free from contaminants, it is removed from the pulper and put into a paper machine. The paper machine will drain the water from the slurry, turning the fiber into a mat-like substance. Once the fiber mats are dry, they are rolled onto paper rolls. These paper rolls are shipped to box manufacturers to turn into boxes.

But Wait. There’s More!

Box manufacturers can choose how much of the recycled content they use when manufacturing new boxes. Some boxes can be created using 20% recycled content, while others can be up to 100%. However, regardless of the amount of recycled cardboard used, the fact that recycled content is cheaper to purchase makes such corrugated cardboard boxes cheaper to manufacture, ship, and sell to business owners like you.

Reduce your packaging expenses this year by purchasing partially- or fully-recycled corrugated boxes from Brown Packaging. When it comes to corrugated cardboard boxes, we know that business owners in and around Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, and the GTA, Ontario, love the combination of even more affordable packaging, with the environmentally helpful status of recycling. For more information on the benefits of using recycled packaging, especially cardboard, visit us at our website today.