Remember to Recycle Your Corrugated Boxes over the Holidays

As the holidays continue to approach, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your corrugated boxes are properly recycled. Do not throw them out in the normal trash. Separate them and recycle them. Brown Packaging is committed to recycling and we strive to cut down on the waste trail created by corrugated boxes.

Many families think that recycling is time consuming, but in most major cities, large scale programs are in place to help you recycle your corrugated boxes, paper, and plastics. Do the right thing and take advantage of these programs, they are very easy to use. For instance, to recycle corrugated boxes, an individual only has to break the box down. It’s that simple and it helps reduce unnecessary waste.

Another way to cut down on waste created by corrugated boxes is to reuse them. If you are looking to package last minute gifts, use some of your excess corrugated boxes; As long as your corrugated boxes are still in good condition, they can be used to ship a gift, wrap a gift, and around the house to store various objects. The options are limitless and it helps reduce the amount of recyclables that reach landfills.

Finally, you can use corrugated boxes for many jobs around the house. If you are painting, put them on the floor, if a window gets broken, patch it temporarily with cardboard from a box, or use the cardboard from a box to wedge a wobbly desk. By repurposing your boxes, you derive additional value from them, and justify their disposal.

Brown Packaging supports all recycling initiatives for corrugated boxes. We offer our products and services to companies in Burlington, throughout the Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, and the entire GTA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today.