Sell More: Tips to Increase Your Business's Packaging and Design

Customers judge a product before it comes out of the box. Apple computers are judged as much for their crisp professional packaging that gives customers a hint of luxury as much as using the actual machines. After all, without purchasing a product, the customer must judge a product by it’s packaging. The problem many small and medium-sized businesses face is how to compete with the big plays. And it may seem tough. Amazon’s logo, which looks like a smiling emoticon, is printed on all their packages. Walmart does the same with their Sun-like logo, Nike uses their check mark logo. All these designs subjectively tell customers purchasing from these companies, it is a satisfying experience and they should do it again. Your company should do the same. Here are three advantages of improving your packaging and design.


Design a Package as Unique as Your Product

A company lives or dies by the strength of its packaging. Yours has to be unique and effective to grasp the customer’s attention from the first time they see it online or on the shelf, to the checkout. If, for example, you sell specialty chocolates, you could package them differently based on the holidays. Sell chocolate roses for Valentine’s Day and chocolate ties for Father’s Day. However, most businesses do not have the versatility regarding their inventory like chocolate shops. Think about your product’s packaging and design and get customer feedback. Listen to the benefits the current packaging provides, as well as what customers would like to see. By listening to your customers and tailoring your products’ packaging and design to their needs, you can design a package as unique as them, which will increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Standout from Your Competition

In the past, you may have shipped products to customers in drab, brown boxes. Unfortunately, many businesses still do this, missing an excellent marketing opportunity. By sprucing up your packaging and design when shipping products, you can make your product stand out. Showcasing the logo, an effective slogan, or artistically designing your packaging will show the customer that you and your business are unique, over no name brands. Uniqueness can be the difference between a successful sale and a failed one. Take real estate for example. Every real estate agent does the exact same thing: showcase and sell property. However, good real estate agents know they can increase sales and their abilities by showcasing their uniqueness, whether it is their excellent track record, customer satisfaction testimonials, or even their unique personality. Do the same with your products and you will stand out as well.

Give Your Customers an Experience

The effectiveness of a wine company is often measured by its popularity and sales. After all, most wine is the same. The difference between a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon is a matter of taste. The real difference between manufacturers of either type of wine is their success in beating the market, mostly due to their excellent packaging and design. You might see wine labels with drawings of historic French farmhouses, Italian vineyard, or an English manor on them. These images invoke certain feelings of belonging in their customers, as they can now own and enjoy a part of history. Similarly, your products’ packaging and design also invokes certain images in customers. By improving the appearance of your product, you can increase the desirability or your product and increase sales.
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