Sell Small Items with Point of Purchase Displays

As a small or medium business owner, you know the value in each and every inch of your store. Wasted space means that you cannot stock your shelves as full as you would like them to be, that you cannot host as many customers in your store as you would like, and that you need to limit your inventory.

All these issues with wasted space can result in customers shopping somewhere else, causing you to lose much-needed sales revenue. Luckily, you can solve this issue with point of purchase displays from Brown Packaging, a leading point of purchase display manufacturer in Ontario. Here are three reasons why.

Free Up Shelf Space

Although points of purchase displays are unique to the business that orders them, you can design them in all shapes and sizes. They can be used to promote sales items, put essentials like batteries and soda near the checkout, or just hold items that may not be as secure on a flat shelf. Revolutionize your store layout and sales strategy this year by purchasing a display or two for maximum effect.

If, for instance, you place two point of purchase displays near your checkout area, customers can look through the contents of them while waiting in line. This is a great sales strategy for less-popular inventory because customers are not seeking to find them on the shelves, but they may reconsider buying them if they see them in the checkout.

If not, these items would be missed and continue taking up wasted shelf space. With point of purchase displays, you can ensure that only the most popular inventory uses shelf space, while not neglecting items that do not sell as well.

The Best Items for Point of Purchase Displays

There are two types of items that are great in point of purchase displays: oddly-shaped items and small items. Oddly-shaped items are things like round objects that can fall off a flat shelf, and items that do not stack well and take up space unnecessarily. Putting them in a display, especially one with a deep basin to hold these oddly-shaped items securely, will allow you to use your shelf space more efficiently and help customers be more careful when handling items.

The second type of items perfect for point of purchase displays are small items. While you can easily put small items on shelves, such items may be overlooked by customers. Displays are easier to stock than shelves when you have many individual items to stock, and customers will notice these items while waiting in line. Using a display rather than shelf space will result in increased sales by customers who would have overlooked the items if they were placed on the shelf.

Sell More By Increasing Customers’ Attention

Another great way to use point of purchase displays is to make your store layout more efficient. While you may not be able to change the store layout regarding your shelves or shopping area, you have more freedom to redesign your checkout lines. By lining customers’ paths towards the checkout with a few displays, their attention will drift towards your displays, and they may add a few more items to your cart.

You can always move the items around if you want to use your point of purchase display to its maximum effect. Leading up to St. Valentine’s Day, you should put love-themed items that characterize the holiday in the displays, like chocolate. When not promoting a holiday or special promotion, literally any type of inventory can be put in a point of purchase display. The choice is up to you.

Brown Packaging is a leading point of purchase display manufacturer, creating point of purchase displays for businesses all over Ontario. Located in Burlington, Brown Packaging has serviced clients in the city, the Golden Horseshoe, and the GTA. For more information on how to order point of purchase displays for your small business, please visit our website.