Six Tips to Improve Your Products’ Packaging and Design

Choosing a product’s design, or even a product’s packaging can be a difficult choice for any entrepreneur to make. Here are six tips that you can use when determining how to update your products’ packaging, as well as your products’ design. If you need more help, a reputable packaging and design manufacturer can help assist you even more.

Understand Your Product

There are many things a product is, and many things a product is not. While a product can have multiple uses, as the seller or even manufacturer, you probably have a set use for each product that you sell. Make sure that your packaging and design lets customers know the intended use for the product when you design the packaging. 

Understand Your Customers

Many times, customers will dictate changes to a product’s packaging, based on their approval of it. You can easily figure out what your customers want by letting them fill out optional customer surveys. They can help you figure out improvements that can be made to a product’s design, a product’s packaging, and more. Everything from color to texture to feel to advertising rhetoric can be determined simply by asking customers what they want, and what they buy.

Look at the Competition

The competition is your greatest foe, but also your greatest friend, when it comes to competing for customers. By analyzing your competition, you can figure out what they deliver on, what they come up short on, and how you can improve the packaging and design of your products to best the competition. The best competition is friendly competition, where you learn from them.

Consider the Message

Consider the message you send by producing and selling a specific product. If your product, like a t-shirt, is political, you will obviously know that the message the shirt sends may be more popular with some customers than others. The same goes for any ideology. However, for a non-ideological, non-political, product, the effect your product’s message has can get hazy. An optional customer survey can help you understand how to improve your packaging to appeal to your customers.

Weigh the Value Versus the Costs

You may have a bunch of changes you want to make to a product’s design or packaging. However, unless you have a bunch of cash as well, you will have to pick and choose which features and improvements to implement, and which to put off for future product releases. You should choose to implement the most important features first, and then implement any cosmetic upgrades to a product’s packaging and design once you have the budget to do so.

Stay Within Your Budget

This point connects with the previous point. You may have a lot of upgrades you want to implement. However, you should not go into debt to do so. Staying within your budget is one of the most important things a business owner can do, in practically any situation. Money is finite and if you spend money that you do not have, you can jeopardize your business. Make small, smart financial decisions when you can, but do not gamble the future of your business on one business decision.

To update a product’s packaging and design, you need a good packaging and design manufacturer like Brown Packaging, which helps small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their products appeal to customers. We operate in, and help businesses in, Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, and the GTA. For more information on the benefits of packaging, as well as the benefits of design, please visit us at our website today.