Sizing up Packaging and Design

If your company has a product undergoing a change in packaged volume, you may be positioned to size up your packaging and design. Existing SKUs that may be popular sellers sometimes get an update in size, although that might resemble a decrease in volume to maintain current SMRP. This has been referred to as shrinkflation, and it’s almost becoming a current trend among popular brand manufacturers. On the flip side, you may have a product offering a percentage increase in volume as a purchase incentive to elevate sales revenues. Regardless of what your product program and plans involve, packaging will tell a story all the way to the check out. Good time to review yours.

Trusted Industry Leader

If your company doesn’t already do business with us, you may be in a position to seek an alternative packaging and design manufacturer for reasons of cost, quality, delivery or overall customer service experience. Good opportunity with minimal margin for costly error to experience another vendor if your product is positioned for minor modifications as opposed to starting design fresh from concept scratch. Taking your current product packaging into consideration, our design team is able to cost effectively modify elements required for change in a timely fashion. From initial contact to order fulfillment, you will have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work with us at Brown Packaging, and that may just lead to a change in supplier for you. We will confidently show you why we are a trusted leader in our industry for almost forty years.

Revamping Your Current Design

We can take your current packaging and revamp the design, both structurally and graphically, to offer you a cost competitive solution with the flexibility of size runs and timely delivery, even to multiple location points. Several of our long time packaging and design clients began with us in this way. We were approached by them to initially modify their existing product packaging and ended up later redesigning for their entire Brand. Other customers simply prefer our breadth of services, appreciate the ease of doing business with us and select to have Brown Packaging join the team as their ‘go-to’ corrugated solutions provider right across the board, from packaging to boxes for distribution to retail merchandising.

Perfect Times to Employ the Best

There can be many reasons you may seek an alternative supplier, timing is everything for product packaging. Perfect times in a product’s lifespan to try out another vendor, like Brown Packaging, are, but not limited to:

  • Introduction of new product packaging look and feel (possibly moving away from overuse of plastics, communicating environmentally conscious use of recycled corrugated casing)
  • Packaged volume percentage increase (offering consumers product purchasing incentive)
  • New product size (either larger, smaller convenient size or change in product shape; modifying product size to maintain MSRP while change in size appears seamless to consumers - shrinkflation)
  • Change of product packaging for re-branding purposes (complete new look, tailored to fresh demographic)
  • Incorporation of promotional elements (coupon/savings inside for future purchase of same or complimentary products within a brand line; use of supplemental informative materials related to product usage – cook book, usage guide, manual, etc.)
  • Product bonus offering in package (a pump/dispenser attachment, a sample of complimentary product, etc.)
  • Maintenance of current design with minor modifications to packaging elements (print, graphics, ingredients, shape, etc.)


The Finest in Corrugated Solutions

Whatever your reason may be to modify or create exceptional product packaging and design for your products, expect the best with Brown Packaging. We’ve been providing our customers throughout Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and across Ontario with the finest in corrugated solutions since 1979… and we aren’t slowing down on our customer satisfaction. Our success is built on it. Take a look at us here and contact us today with the goal you seek to achieve for your business.