Storage: Use Corrugated Boxes to Package Goods

Commercial property is expensive and working out of your home may not be an option due to the limited space there. If you are running your first or second business, money is probably well budgeted and has to stretch far. As such, you may not be able to afford lots of store or storage space. Business owners who work out of their home also have a shortage of space problem they must contend with as well. This directly affects the amount of inventory you can hold and sell, which may hurt your bottom line.

You need packaging that does not take up space unnecessarily. When deciding on a form of packaging for your product, weight, size and shape are important characteristics you have to keep in mind. Corrugated boxes are a popular choice among small business owners for this very reason. They are light, flat or can be flattened easily, stack nicely against the wall or on a pallet to protect them from the elements, and can be stowed almost anywhere with ease due to their square and rectangle shapes.

A Light Option to Consider

Light forms of packaging, like corrugated boxes, have three benefits for small business owners. First, light packaging can reduce shipping rates if you need to ship your products nationally or internationally. Second, light packaging is easy to store. Since you need to store more packaging than you think you need in case a surge in purchases occurs, you will need to store lots of corrugated boxes, which are easily storable because of their weight.

The third benefit when choosing light packaging, like corrugated boxes, are that they are easy to transport. Any business owner, regardless of their age, physical ability, and size can lift a corrugated box. In contrast, they may not be able to lift and position a spool of wrapping paper to cut it, or be able to handle styrofoam. Handling awkward objects is a quick way to developing injuries, something we all want to prevent. Only corrugated boxes offer a light-weight, easy to handle, form of packaging that has been tested by time, and is one of the most popular forms of packaging around the world as a result.

Store Corrugated Boxes Flat for Convenience

Simply put, corrugated boxes are easier to store because they are flat and can be stacked easily. Other forms of packaging like styrofoam and wrapping paper are not stored as easily as corrugated boxes. Styrofoam not only crumbles on its own, but it can also deteriorate if it gets crushed, brushes against the wall, or is bitten by your pet dog. Wrapping paper is sold in spools, which not only makes it awkward to store and handle, but it is also awkward to cut neatly.

Purchasing any significant amount of wrapping paper at once will mean you will have to purchase a heavy spool. Only corrugated boxes are stored easily and quickly without assistance, which allow small business owners to focus on more pressing matters like generating sales revenue.

Square and Rectangular Packaging Is More Useful

When stacking packaging before using it, the shape of the packaging matters. Smaller packaging that is easily stackable will always be a better storage choice than packaging that is oddly shaped or awkward to store, like spools of wrapping paper. Corrugated boxes are square or rectangle in shape, easily flattened, and much more stackable than other forms of packaging.

When you use wrapping paper or plastic, you run the risk of taking up more space than you need to when storing it, and there is always the risk the spools can roll all over your floor due to their cylindrical shape. If you are not careful, you could slip and fall as a result. It is safer to use corrugated boxes due to their quadrilateral shape, which is easy to stack and carry.

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