Striking the Perfect First Impression: Choosing the Right Packaging and Design Manufacturer

Packaging a product might be the last stage in the manufacturing process, but it’s definitely the first thing a new customer sees upon receiving the product. If your packaging is dull and uninspired, it’ll be an uphill battle to regain the consumer’s interest.

Good packaging, on the other hand, catches the eye of the consumer, increases sales, and breeds brand awareness. There’s a lot to consider when choosing which packaging and design manufacturer to trust, but here’s a basic rundown.

What Packaging and Design Manufacturers Consider

First off, it’s best to know what a packaging designer actually does. Packaging companies have to not only understand your product well but also take into account the demographic you’re aiming to sell to. They take this information into account when they design each aspect of the packaging, including:
  • Printing and labeling
  • Colors and graphics
  • The shape of the container, efficient for shipping yet eye-catching and suitable for the product
  • The material, something durable yet cost-effective

So what characteristics of a packaging designer should you look for to get the above done right?

Extensive Experience

Check the portfolio of every manufacturer you consider. Like most designing agencies, packaging companies need to have a diverse line of successful products they have packaged in the past.
Wide diversity shows they are flexible to adapt to new products, and having a long resume shows they have the retail experience to get your company’s products selling, so don’t be afraid to ask for references too.

Quality Control

A beautiful box still won’t do the job if the execution is shoddy. Good packaging designers always perform routine inspections, measurements, and thorough testing to ensure a consistent and reliable packaging for each item you sell.
Too many mistakes, after all, can result in damaged products, costly returns, angry customers, and ultimately lost revenue.


A delayed product launch is the last thing you want. The packaging manufacturer you choose needs to organize its time well and deliver the results when you need them. A last-minute job can compromise greatly on quality.
Plus, make sure the manufacturer is large enough to support the product distribution you’re aiming for. Whether you’re sending a few boxes around the city or need nation-wide circulation, your packaging manufacturer must scale well to your needs with enough raw material, shipping vehicles, and in-house staffing to get the job done right.


Ideally, pick a packaging and design manufacturer located relatively close to your company. Close physical proximity means you can communicate with them directly and quickly. Sourcing work from another state, in contrast, entails some risk.

Other Aspects

  • Quality customer service, communication, and a commitment to meeting your expectations
  • The ability to work within your budget and choose cost-effective materials
  • Research strategy and attention to detail when it comes to designing the package itself

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