Superior Value in Packaging and Design

Are you searching for superior value in packaging and design of your product? Consider taking a serious look at what we have to offer in corrugated solutions. For almost forty years we have been designing and creating optimal packaging and merchandising solutions for customers in many different industries throughout Ontario, and our success resides in our customer satisfaction.

Well Seasoned Packaging and Design Manufacturer

Whatever it may be that you have the need to package and display in today’s competitive marketplace, as a well seasoned packaging and design manufacturer, we encompass the talent and ability to create the perfect corrugated solution and value for you. It really is all up to you and the item/s to be packaged. What look and feel are you seeking to achieve for your products? Do you have any budgetary or delivery time constraints? What is your vision? We balance out all your needs and desires with creative thoughtful design, exceptional materials and construction, and timely delivery of high quality products that make yours look good and travel well.

Starting from Scratch

Maybe you’re starting from scratch, seeking to introduce your product into the aggressive marketplace, and you want to stand out and get noticed among a plethora of competing items and messages. Our experienced team at Brown Packaging is diligent in working with you to achieve your goals and get your products moving to the cash register. We take your vision and add our creative talent and innovation to produce packaging and design that competes well in today’s retail environments. All of your concerns, requirements and goals are taken into design consideration to achieve successful solutions for you. Take a look at some of our packaging and design here. You will see that we’re a full service corrugated solutions provider offering effective merchandising, packaging and shipping results.

Packaging Revamp

There may come a time in a product’s life where a packaging and design revamp is required. Could be that you’re looking for a more cost effective result or possibly seeking a new eco-friendly solution to diminish the over use of plastics in your product’s packaging. Package dimensions might be playing a factor when it comes to shipping quantities. Customers have discovered that taking unutilized space away from product packaging makes way for more units per shipping container, thus a cost savings in distribution. We can address the pros and cons of your current product packaging to formulate a design ‘wish list’ to work with. Depending on your requirements, opportunities for improvement are in abundance and our goal is your product’s success in the present retail marketplace.

Additional Components

Does your product packaging require internal components or areas to house accessories or additional items? We have experience with many customers who came to us with a need to create special product packaging that encompasses supplementary parts or promotional gifts. Inclusion of all types of items like batteries, straps, ingredients to be mixed, electronic accessories, supplemental tools or hardware, etc. Opting for corrugated solutions provides businesses with cost effective, eco-conscious packaging options that can be easily designed to house additional objects along with your products. Consider corrugate and give us a call to cost justify results for you.

A Little Something Extra

Could be your product container is all the packaging required for it. Your labeling is sufficient and there is no need for additional packaging at all… however, you would like to include an accessory or promotional item to attach to your product for retail. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing. In this case, corrugated partial packaging options are available to you allowing any additional items to be affixed to your product securely while also addressing any bulky shipping issues. The additional benefit of going with a corrugated solution is the recyclability factor, which always has a positive impact on brand/company reputation within consumer consciousness.

Tasked with Finding Solutions

If you’re doing business in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe or across Ontario, and you’re tasked with solidifying an effective packaging and design solution, consider us at Brown Packaging and allow us the opportunity to show you what we enjoy doing most… securing customer satisfaction, loyalty and success.