Telescopic Boxes: Make Your Company Stand out with Corrugated Containers

Many small business owners and store managers have a difficult time finding the perfect packaging for their products, especially if they do not have a large budget to work with. Their products may not be able to fit well in conventional corrugated containers like boxes, and may instead need special packaging to be transported safely. However, an affordable corrugated option exists for those types of products and can be made to fit a wide variety of products.

Telescopic boxes are a form of corrugated containers that are perfect for products that are flat, flimsy, or hard to package in conventional corrugated boxes. With telescopic boxes, you can now pack and ship your merchandise to customers, wherever they may be, without having to worry about whether your merchandise will be damaged along the way. With telescopic boxes, your products will be shipped safely.

Here are three main reasons why corrugated containers like telescopic boxes are perfect for your small business.

Corrugated Containers: Great for Unconventionally-Sized Products

The main advantage of telescopic corrugated containers lie in their ability to ensure your products are shipped to your customers in pristine condition. Telescopic boxes are a two-piece design. You lay your product in the bottom piece, and then close the box by laying the upper piece on top of if. If you want, you can also include some form of padding as well, like a sheet of Styrofoam, paper, or bubble wrap for further protection.

Unconventionally-shaped items that you may be selling, like paintings, mirrors, posters, rubs and small carpets, or sporting gear like skis, can all fit in telescopic boxes, and they are usually shipped in such. Using regular corrugated boxes to ship these items may result in damage to the products, since they may be damaged when initially placed in conventional boxes or while in transit.

Telescopic boxes are usually shipped flat, with little weight on top of them since, the large the surface area of the packaging is, the lower the resistance each square inch of packaging provides to protect your products. Using telescopic boxes is a great way to ensure that postal workers take extra care when they handle your products.

A Simpler Corrugated Container Than Conventional Boxes

Sometimes, simpler is better. When it comes to small merchandise like thin books, greeting cards, or gifts, corrugated containers like telescopic boxes are a great form of packaging to protect these contents.

Telescopic boxes come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate many different products, not just smaller or more fragile items. However you plan to use such product packaging is best left up to you. That being stated, the benefits of using corrugated containers cannot be denied. If you have merchandise that is unconventionally-shaped or sized, you should consider purchasing and stocking up on corrugated containers today.

Easier for Customers to Open and Use

Due to the ease of putting products in telescopic boxes, corrugated containers are also easier for customers to open and use when compared to normal corrugated cardboard boxes. Customers simply lift the top piece of the telescopic box’s two pieces, and they have instant access to the products lying within.

In addition, customers can also use telescopic boxes to transport their goods. For instance, if you sell skis to a customer, they can re-package their skis whenever they go to ski-hills in Banff, Whistler, or the Golden Horseshoe.

The ease of transport and design that is elemental in telescopic corrugated containers make this design one of the best and most affordable designs for small business owners to package unconventionally-shaped or sized goods.

Telescopic boxes are just one of the many types of corrugated containers available from Brown Packaging. Small business owners in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and across Ontario, should consider using corrugated containers like telescopic boxes to ship unconventionally-shaped goods. For more information, or to place an order for telescopic boxes, contact us at our website today.