The Advantages of Corrugated Containers

Corrugated containers are better than other forms of packaging, like plastic, paper, or Styrofoam. These containers, made of cardboard, are much more affordable and easier to ship, they provide more options for business owners to advertise with, and to keep their contents safe and hygienic. In more detail below, these four reasons all show why corrugated containers are the best form of packaging small and medium-sized businesses can use, and customers can receive.

Cheaper to Ship

There are many advantages both business owners and customers experience when they use corrugated containers. Being made of cardboard, these containers are lightweight, which keep shipping costs low. They are also easy to handle and ship, from sending them to the post office, loading them onto trucks, and transporting them to customers’ doors.

If you have a significant portion of your customer base that do not live near your store and often ship your products to them instead, you may want to look into replacing your product packaging with corrugated containers. They will appreciate the lower shipping and handling costs associated with cardboard containers.

More Advertising Options

Corrugated containers are great advertising vehicles for small businesses. Wherever your customers go with your products, they are advertising them, as well as your business. With some forms of packaging, like plastic or Styrofoam, you cannot advertise on them beyond placing a sticker or label on them. With corrugated containers, however, you have so many different ways to advertise, from different cardboard colors, to printing graphics or your company name on the boxes.

You can change the advertising on your corrugated boxes depending on upcoming holidays, promotions, and discounts, to better market your business to the wider community. You are not limited by cardboard, unlike other forms of packaging.

Keep Your Items Safe

Corrugated containers are simply the best form of packaging if you want to keep your products safe. The layered cardboard absorbs liquids, the containers are dent-resistant, and cushion the products from outside pressures, like a type of protective shell. They are also resistant to collecting moisture, and are both tear- and rip-resistant. All these properties are vital to ensuring your products arrive to your customers intact.

Other forms of packaging simply cannot match the excellent quality of corrugated containers. Moisture builds up in plastic, paper wrapping gets wet and tears easily, and Styrofoam often shaves off, leaving gaps in its protective barrier qualities. There is no better form of affordable packaging on the market than cardboard.

Corrugated Boxes are Hygienic

There’s a reason why corrugated containers are often used to transport food. They can withstand extreme temperatures, do not collect lots of moisture, and protect their contents quite well during transit. Even if you do not sell or ship food, these benefits are still great reasons why you should use corrugated containers in our small business.

Firstly, if you sell any product that makes contact with customers’ mouths, like whistles, recorders, microphones, or phones and headsets, corrugated containers will definitely keep your products hygienic. However, even if your inventory is completely unrelated, if you care about the hygiene of your products, you cannot beat the benefits of corrugated containers.

These four reasons show why corrugated containers are the best form of packaging you can have to protect your products and keep your customers satisfied.

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