The Benefits of Corrugated Boxes and Wax Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard has a great reputation as a product packaging material. Corrugated cardboard is strong, durable, and light-weight.

What are Corrugated Boxes

Boxes made from corrugated cardboard are very popular as a form of packaging. They can be purchased cheaply, reused, and recycled, making corrugated cardboard one of the best packaging materials a store owner can invest in.

That stated, sometimes, better alternatives to corrugated cardboard exist. These alternatives, like wax cardboard, can be very similar to corrugated cardboard itself. If you are a store owner and need a form of cardboard that is very strong, as well as very resistant to water, you should consider investing in corrugated packaging material made from wax cardboard. Here is why!

How Wax Cardboard is Made

One popular form of wax that is used to add the wax layer to cardboard is paraffin wax. Although the name may seem unfamiliar to you, paraffin wax is commonly used to make candles, and even crayons when it is dyed. Although adding wax to cardboard may seem like an unnecessary expense, the cost of purchase wax cardboard pays for itself when you consider that the price of a cardboard box is much less than the price of the product it is shipping. In addition, paraffin wax is inexpensive to make, which is why is became popular in the first place in the 19th Century.

During the cardboard manufacturing process, after the stage at which the cardboard is produced, wax is applied to the cardboard’s surface to create a water- and grease- resistant layer. This layer is vital to protecting the cardboard from being damaged by wetness, which is why wax cardboard is so vital in the food manufacturing industry. Every form of cardboard box imaginable, from large boxes used to carry lettuce, to individual milk cartons, utilize wax cardboard.

However, wax cardboard has its uses outside the food industry. Any store owner can use wax cardboard-lined corrugated containers to better protect their products during transit. Even if you ship your products on a sunny day, water can be accidentally spilt on a product’s packaging for instance.

Should I Order Corrugated Boxes with a Wax Cover?

Whether you need a wax covering on your corrugated cardboard depends on your intended use of it, as well as how much risk you are willing to accept during the shipping process. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Wax covering is a great idea if you are shipping large products. Simply put, since wax coverings add a layer to corrugated cardboard, these cardboard boxes are stronger and more durable. If you are shipping large products, especially products that may come into contact with moisture during the shipping process, it may be worthwhile to consider wax cardboard.

Wax coverings are also great for products that are wet, or filled with liquid. A beverage company, for instance, may decide to ship cans of soda in a wax covered corrugated cardboard box. That way, if the shipment gets wet during the shipping process, the corrugated cardboard will not fall apart and the products will not get ruined, damaged, or lost.

A wax layer on your corrugated cardboard can provide great protection against moisture and other wet conditions that your products may encounter during the shipping process. Even without wax layering, corrugated boxes from Brown Packaging are a great shipping option for your products. If you are a store owner in and around Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and throughout Ontario, contact us online at our website to learn more about the benefits of corrugated cardboard.