The Best Point of Purchase Displays Are Custom-Designed

When it comes to selling merchandise, there are many options that store owners resort to in order to increase sales. Common strategies are online marketing, as well as local advertising. However, sometimes, gaining new customers will not result in the sale of select merchandise. Sometimes, you need to resort to other tools in order to sell specific merchandise in-store. One such tool is the POP display.

What Are Point of Purchase Displays?

Point of purchase (a.k.a. POP) displays are cardboard displays. These displays can take many forms, and may or may not contain products via the use of shelving units, hooks, or other contraptions. POP displays can be large, small, located in the center of your store, or located in the corner. There are many uses for such displays, and many store owners utilize them to increase revenues and to convenience customers.

The Purpose of Point of Purchase Displays

POP displays are a means to show off certain products or services to customers. When you own a large store, you have hundreds, if not thousands, of items competing for the attention of your customers within a 10-20 minute time span.

Even if your customers have specific items in mind, the longer they take to find their items, the more items they will put in their cart. If a customer can rationalize the purchase of an item, he or she is more likely to purchase that item.

Of course, some items will sell better than others. Offloading merchandise is made easier with the installation of a display, as you can promote the merchandise to your customers at central points in the store. You can place a display practically anywhere, from the center of the store, to the corner, to right next to the cash register.

These displays are just one tool of many to help you sell more products.

Why Customers Like Point of Purchase Displays

Customers are busy. They most likely have a specific list prepared before entering your store. In addition, they most likely have a specific amount of time they can invest in searching your store.

30 minutes to purchase a pair of cross trainer shoes, for example, includes the time a customer wants to spend talking to a floor associate, trying on the shoes, and paying for them at the register. Customers have a limited amount of time.

This is where displays come in. Displays are great for customers because they can find merchandise much quicker. If a customer is searching for batteries, for instance, and you have placed all your batteries in different shelves on a central POP display, that customer will be able to find the batteries he or she needs within seconds!

Imagine how much more time that customer would have needed to find batteries if you had placed them on a shelf that spanned a wall of your store!

Point of purchase displays are a great tool for any store owner who wants to increase their revenues and sell more merchandise. Point of purchase display manufacturers, like Brown Packaging have helped countless store owners design displays that will maximally connect with customers. Store owners in Ā Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, and the GTA, Ontario, have all used POP displays, and so can you! For more information regarding the versatility of POP displays, visit us online at our website, or in-store. For even better results, customize your displays to better connect with your customer base!