The Different Types of Corrugated Boxes

We use corrugated boxes almost every day, sometimes without even knowing it. Brown Packaging aims to make the lives of our customers easy. Corrugated boxes come in many different rectangular forms and sizes. Each type of box has its strengths and weaknesses.

Regular Corrugated Boxes

This is your typical rectangular or square box. It has four flaps that close perfectly at the top and bottom. These types of boxes are ideal for shipping individual items. These corrugated boxes are also frequently used during moving season as they are dependable and easily accessible.

Tray Corrugated Boxes

As the title states, these type of corrugated boxes are designed like a tray. Still, they possess the necessary characteristics of a corrugated box. These types of boxes are most commonly used in the food industry as they allow for quick inspection and rapid deployment of the packed items. Time is money in the food industry.

Half Slotted Corrugated Boxes

This type of corrugated box has only one set of flaps. They are usually used to cover a product or as an insert that goes inside of another box. They increase the overall durability of the original box by adding a second layer.

Full over Flap Corrugated Boxes

Unlike the regular corrugated box, this design features a flap that covers the entire top of the box. These types of corrugated boxes are perfect for rough handling and overseas shipping.

Tuck Top Corrugated Boxes

If you are looking to tightly pack your items, this is the perfect box for you. The tuck flap system allows for a tight and compacted packing of your products. This keeps them safe and makes it hard for the box to come open due to rough handling and other unforeseeable factors.

Corrugated boxes are an everyday item found in our modern societies. We see them at grocery stores, retail stores, and through online deliveries. Brown Packaging strives to be at the front of the pack by offering high quality boxes. We are located in Burlington, Ontario, but we serve the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe, and all of Ontario.