The Ins and Outs of Point of Purchase Displays

Is your business specialized in retail and in-store sales? If that is the case, point of purchase displays may be an effective method of advertising for your business. However, before you contact point of purchase display manufacturers, it is important that you understand how to best use point of purchase displays. Brown Packaging is an industry expert in boxes and point of sale advertising. We are a dedicated point of purchase display manufacturer.

Location is one of the most important factors in determining a point of purchase displays success. If you place your point of purchase display for women’s cosmetics in the dairy section, you are gearing up for failure. However, with proper placement, point of purchase displays can generate an increase in sales. Placement is important because it calls your customer to action. In a grocery store, it is beneficial to show sales for brand name cereals in a location near the milk section or on a display near the checkout. Customers will connect the dots and you will be more likely to generate a sale that you wouldn’t have achieved otherwise.

While location is important, the overall design of point of purchase displays is also a vital factor. If you have a display that states ‘chocolate’ in plain text with no supporting images, it won’t inspire a customer to make a purchase. On the other hand, if you have a brand name chocolate bar in a display that is decked out with color, the brand itself, and captivating imagery and promotions, there will be a higher chance that a customer will feel compelled to add your item to their cart.

Point of purchase displays are only effective if they are pushing an interesting product that has a storyline attached to the advertisement. It is important to work with your point of purchase display manufacturers in order to achieve the proper artistic style. Brown Packaging is ready to help you design flawless point of purchase displays that will generate real results. We serve customers throughout Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and most of Ontario.