The Responsibility of Manufacturing Corrugated Boxes

At Brown Packaging we seek to maintain our well rounded, successful reputation in our industry, which includes being environmentally aware and eco-responsible for the imprint our production and manufacturing may leave behind for generations to come. With the production of our products, including corrugated boxes, we pride ourselves on operating within a ‘green environment’ consciousness. Many of our customers appreciate our environmental principles and our desire to maintain a healthy planet for all to enjoy. A successful company today may not even exist down the road if manufacturing and production processes don’t respect the earth and tread lightly on the environment. It is our responsibility to ensure our practices are earth friendly.


We’re in a position to effectively utilize recyclable materials to create quality products that are in turn easy to reuse and recycle. Appropriate recycle icons are placed on our boxes and throughout the years those symbols have garnered a reputation of their own. Brand responsibility is solidified for those environmentally conscious consumers who support planetary sustainability, allowing for a positive impact on reputation and thus sales revenues. Many of our customers appreciate our high level of eco-friendly standards and practices, and we are diligent in maintaining our responsibility to the earth for the future generations to come.

Colour Consciousness

Our printing production practices are streamlined and innovative at Brown Packaging. The dyes and inks we select to work with are of high quality and our disposal methods take the environment into effective consideration. We don’t dump chemicals into rivers or streams, nor do we create a lot of waste in our business. With each passing year we seek to make technological advancements in our manufacturing practices that allow us to be more inventive and eco-responsible in this day and age. The design and construction of our corrugated boxes ensures quality excellence for our customers without us having to jeopardize our own ‘green’ initiatives.

Earth-friendly Industrial Packaging

We enjoy over forty years of experience designing and manufacturing custom interior components for corrugated boxes and industrial packaging. Our skills can eliminate the need for any additional packing or fillers, so the use of materials such as plastic air bags or Styrofoam pieces are easily replaced with corrugated components designed specifically to support all packaged contents. Our structural designers excel at creating effective packaging solutions that provide cost effectiveness while still treading lightly on the environment. Contact us to discover what we can do for you and your environmentally conscious packaging needs.

Responsible Manufacturing Practices

It really is up to us and our customers to be respectful and responsible for our business practices when it comes to the environment, whether we choose to share that fact with end users of our products or not. Future generations will either be appreciative of our environmental awareness and eco-friendly choices or disappointed with the messes we’ve left for them to clean up. We’re not shy when we discover an area for improvement in our business and we instigate our environmentally respectful choices at every opportunity presented. Our customers appreciate our environmental awareness and action, especially since we ensure it doesn’t affect the exceptional value and optimal quality of the products we produce for them.

A corrugated product produced by us at Brown Packaging stands for more than just quality design and construction, the environment for future generations is just as important to us. Our long time customers are on board with our ‘green environment’ initiatives, and we’re finding that our new customers enjoy knowing how much it means to us in our production practices. Along with our customers, we enjoy learning new ways of being able to tread lightly on the environment and we participate in innovative eco-responsible avenues of production practices wherever possible. Our reliable corrugated products are widely used, on the move, and can be seen all over Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and throughout Ontario. We continually strive to produce the best products to house, ship and display yours. Our success resides in our customer satisfaction.