The Versatility of Corrugated Containers

Corrugated cardboard containers are created using corrugated cardboard. Corrugation allows cardboard to increase its strength and durability. Since it is cardboard, corrugated boxes are still affordable, and are a great option for store owners and operators who need strong and affordable packaging to ship their goods in to their customers.

Whether you sell small, fragile items, or large, robust items, you can use corrugated cardboard to keep them safe while in transit.

Instead of purchase corrugated cardboard boxes wholesale, as cheap as it may seem to do so, you should consider having corrugated cardboard containers custom-designed to ensure your products and snug and safe in their packaging. With wholesale containers, your items may jiggle and bounce around in their boxes, which can increase the probability of your items being damaged.

Any item can be packaged in corrugated cardboard. You can fit any sort of item in a cardboard box, from the very small, to the very large, from items weighing ounces, to those weighing well in excess of one hundred pounds.

Corrugated Containers Can Accommodate Small, Fragile Products

The typical process of shipping and handling small and fragile objects is to increase the padding in their packaging, and ship them to the customer in containers too large for the item. Such small and fragile items include:

  1. Lightbulbs
  2. Mugs
  3. Paper items
  4. Toys
  5. Etc.

However, doing so can unnecessarily increase your packaging budget, since there is a much simpler and more affordable way to ship such items: use custom-designed containers.

Custom-designed containers are designed with the product in mind. If you design your packaging for specific products, you will ensure that your packaging budget is used efficiently and economically. In addition, you will be able to avoid purchasing extra padding for your items while they are in transit. This means that by spending slightly more on corrugated cardboard, you can save on the need to buy plastic shrink wrap, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and the like.


Large, Heavy Products Are Shipped with Ease When Using Corrugated Containers

Corrugated cardboard is great for larger and heavier products. In fact, there are few products that you cannot ship with cardboard. Even fridges, large screen televisions, and washing machines can be shipped in cardboard boxes. For their weight, corrugated cardboard containers are incredibly strong.

Due to their unique fluting, in which cardboard is folded and placed between the interior and exterior layers of cardboard, corrugated cardboard is strong enough to handle a vast amount of objects. Fluting also comes in many grades, ranging in size to ensure that a container’s layers are as thick as possible to contain the intended item.

Sure, when it comes to large and heavy items, the shipping process is a bit different. Instead of being sorted by hand like small boxes may be, large items will be sorted with machines like forklifts. However, the journey is the same. Your products need packaging that can protect them, regardless of size or weight, from issues like weather conditions, and being dropped.

Therefore, when purchasing packaging for your products, especially when it comes to products in transit, consider tailoring the packaging to the product, instead of the other way around. If you need to, customize your packaging! A great form of packaging that will protect your products from the elements affordably and durably are corrugated containers.

Available from Brown Packaging for store owners and operators in and around Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, and the GTA, Ontario, corrugated cardboard is a great choice when it comes to balancing the need for affordable and efficient packaging materials. For more information, please visit us in-store, or online at our website today.