Think about the End User When Creating Packaging and Design

The two parameters you must think about when ordering new packaging and design for your merchandise are the end user experience and the structural needs of your products. The “End User” experience refers to any interaction your customers have with your product packaging, from looking at it on the shelves to having it shipped to their homes and opened.

The structural needs of your products refer to properties like the size, shape, and weight of your products, and the needs of your packaging to accommodate them. Every product you ship to your customers must be received in pristine condition or else it will reflect badly upon your business.

The End User Experience

Every customer wants product packaging that looks nice and protects the products inside it. However, most companies do not accommodate the end user unless their business plan relies on it. Take Apple, for instance. The main reason why Apple was able to break into the computer industry was their business plan of selling personal computers to individuals.

Prior to Apple’s breakthrough, computers were viewed as business commodities. People would use them for work, but they did not think of the computer as an expression of their individuality. Apple broke that mold and created a revolution in the industry, re-defining the future of personal computing.

Likewise, you should keep the end user in mind, even if your business plan does not rely on it. Customers are more likely to purchase merchandise if the packaging and design is aesthetically pleasing. Unless you sell a truly innovative product that only you stock, your customers will be comparing your goods with your competitor’s. The product that looks nicer will ultimately be the one that is sold.

Contact a packaging and design manufacturer today to ensure your products look nice and pleasing to customers when shipped to them.

Focus on Your Product’s Packaging and Design Needs

While the end user experience is important to consider, you should not develop it at the expense of your product’s needs. If your product’s packaging and design needs to be able to support a certain amount of weight, for instance, and making your packaging more “flashy” will require you to skimp on its strength, use packaging that will support your product rather than make it simply look nice.

In the end, your product’s packaging and design is meant to enhance your product, not the other way around. This means, if you have to skimp on the aesthetic features of your product’s design, you should do it. However, there is usually a compromise that can simultaneously support and protect your product while in transit, as well as make your product look nice.

One compromise is to give your products their own packaging, before inserting them in corrugated boxes or containers when shipping them. The added benefit of this compromise is that customers do not have to worry about the product’s personal packaging being dinged or scratched while in transit, especially if they are purchasing your product as a gift for other people.

However, it must be iterated that your product’s packaging and design should be a secondary concern for you. Your products must be protected when being shipped to your customers, at all costs.

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