Three Tips to Improve Your Packaging and Design

Designing effective packaging is a fickle thing. There are so many designs out there, and so many more that are being developed, that is can be difficult to determine which one is best for your products.

There is always that constant need to update your products in order to capture sales and land customers that exists when you sell merchandise. It can be attractive to want to constantly change up your products’ design.

Doing so is more of an art than a science. In this article, we will guide you through three tips that you can use to improve the design of your products’ packaging.

Ignore the Packaging and Design Trends

This seems odd at first. Follow a trend by ignoring it? It is saner than it sounds.

Every year, or even multiple times per year depending on your industry, the fashion changes. New styles are in and old styles are out. It may be tempting to follow the lead of other companies as they change their product’s styling, but consider the effect that doing so will have on your products.

Your products are unique. Unique products need unique packaging. This is why many users are drawn to Apple computers and devices. Apple products may function in a similar manner to other technological products on the market, but Apple products look gorgeous. This design appeal, which bucked the trend until it defined it, is one of the main reasons why Apple has been so successful.

Be Bold with Your Packaging and Design

Every product is different. Every company is different. The companies that you compete with for customers each have unique products, even if the products are 99% similar to yours. When it comes to designing your products’ packaging, be bold.

Have a vision. Implement that vision. The last thing you want is for your products to be mistaken for no name brands. Instead, make your products stand out. Customers will see this strategy as faith in your products. A company that stands behind its vision is more likely to make sales than a company that does not.

Try New Things

While you should consider whether you want to follow new trends, you should also consider trying new things. Sometimes, the appearance of a product can have significant effects on the sale of that product. If a product works fantastically, but does not look as good as it could, it may sell poorly. We do not want that to happen.

For a real-world example, some computers have plastic casing and some computers have aluminum casing. While there are some benefits to the plastic casing, like not interfering with the wifi signal, aluminum casing looks more polished and professional. Aluminum casing is also stronger, which means the computer will dent, but not crack. As a result, many people are attracted to the aluminum casing, and many manufacturers offer it, like Apple.

With these tips you can improve the design of your products’ packaging. Define your packaging design vision and implement it. Over time, alter your design strategy to better connect with your customers. In doing so, you will increase your sales revenue potential, and you will sell more merchandise as a result.

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