Top Four Reasons to Ship Your Products with Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are a great packaging to ship products to customers. Small and medium-sized businesses often have to worry about the strength of the packaging, storing it, and its cost-effectiveness. Corrugated boxes negate these concerns by the benefits they provide when shipping products, as well as the new, free advertising medium they present.

Corrugated Boxes Are Weather-Resistant

If you have ever spilt water on cardboard you will know it does not get wet easily. While water may stain the outer layer, inner layers of cardboard remain dry and pristine. The same is true of corrugated boxes, yet the effect is much less severe.

Corrugated boxes are made of cardboard, which is much more resistant to adverse weather conditions like rain and sleet, or the occasional split coffee mug because the cardboard is compressed and pressed together to increase their strength. Due to this, such boxes are exceptional at resisting wet conditions.

At Brown Packaging, we understand that your inventory must make it to your customers as quickly as possible, regardless of the weather conditions. This is why we offer corrugated boxes in a range of styles and strengths for every type of commercial good. When you invest in quality shipping, you invest in the customer.

Let Your Goods Arrive in Style

While other forms of packaging like plastic or paper are cheaper, none offer the stylistic possibilities of corrugated boxes. You can print your logo, slogan, or other illustration on corrugated boxes in ways you cannot with other forms of packaging. Paper can tear and plastic can melt.

Corrugated boxes are well-known and used for their ability to enhance the style of their contents. Think of Amazon’s great advertising concept using corrugated boxes. The Amazon logo, in the form of a smile, not only greets the package’s receiver, it also grabs the attention of individuals nearby who come to associate Amazon with happiness and customer satisfaction.

However, even If you do not decide to print something specific to your business as a form of indirect advertising, you can just send items with the shipping addresses stickered to the boxes. Plain corrugated boxes are fine, but know you can spruce up your packaging in the future if you wish and advertise your products for free.

Storage Will Thank You

Corrugated boxes are incredibly easy to store, whether empty or full. Many corrugated boxes are sold flat, with businesses folding them into shape once they have products and orders to ship. If you have a small storage space, as a small or medium-sized business, you can simply stack them and not worry about damaging the boxes before they are used.

Since corrugated boxes stack neatly, it is also easier to store them, as opposed to packaging that can be lumpy or odd, like some specialty packaging on the market that are designed to wrap around their products.

A Cost-Effective Way to Ship Goods

Due to their relative simplicity in comparison to other forms of packaging, corrugated boxes are quite cost-effective, especially when purchased in bulk. Since they are easier to stack and storage as well, you can purchase more boxes at a time, leading to even more savings than with other forms of packaging.

Spools of paper or bubble wrap are awkward to store and ship. Corrugated boxes, on the other hand, are a great way to invest in your customers while not having to worry about the state of your products when received by your customers.

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