Top Four Ways to Improve Your Packaging and Design This Holiday Season

Packaging and design is incredibly important as your competition increases. Standout this holiday season with special winter- and holiday-themed packaging that will not only help celebrate the holiday cheer, but also advertise your best deals and promotions. However, it is simpler said than done. Creating effective packaging takes skill and effort. Here are four ways to increase the effectiveness of your packaging and design before the holiday season starts.

Do Not Replace Business Information for Glitz and Glamor

You see it every day in the mall. Packaging that focuses on looking cool rather than showing relevant information of the business the item was purchased from, not even the name. While such packaging and design may grab other shoppers’ attention, it is not effective because potential customers do not know where to buy similar items. You, as a business owner, may want to update your packaging with a holiday theme, but it should not detract from your business’s identity.

One good way to advertise while still promoting the holidays is to create an alternate winter-themed logo. If, for instance, you sell wine and your logo is a pristine French countryside, why not create a Winterized version of it complete with Santa flying in the background? If you own a medical supply shop, paint some canes red and white. This holiday season, your packaging and design possibilities are endless, especially since Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Chanukah occur all in the same month.

Your Packaging and Design Is How Customers Will Judge You

When in doubt, keep your packaging and design simple. There is no need for elaborate designs that detract from your business or inventory. While it may seem cool and edgy, most customers will see extravagant decadence that does not inform them of your business or why they should shop at your store.

Participate this holiday season with a creative yet modest holiday-theme. Just do not go overboard like your competitors do every year. It is a waste of effort and money.

Diversify Your Holiday Themes

The three major December holidays all occur around the same time, which is great for local businesses that want to take advantage of what is possibly the biggest shopping season of the year. Whether your business is more appealing to Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa celebrators, choose a niche and advertise to it. A generic winter theme can also work, provided you do not clutter up your packaging and design unnecessarily.

Start Early to Beat Your Competition

Even if you have made the decision to create holiday-themed packaging and design to help celebrate the holiday cheer with shoppers, you should start early enough so they know to purchase your goods. Perhaps start advertising your sales and deals for the holiday season on packaging two weeks prior to the actual holiday so interested customers will be informed.

If a customer likes your products and business, they will not forget. Having customers purchase goods in advance for the holiday season, or remembering to return during the hustle and bustle of the winter break not only increases your sales, it increases your loyal client base.

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