Top three Reasons to Use Corrugated Containers This Holiday Season

Corrugated containers may not seem like a popular choice for holiday gifts. After all, the winter holiday season is about glitz and glamor and shiny packaging, which is why special winter-themed gift-wrapping paper and plastic packaging is used by many businesses.

However, all these types of packaging can do is look pretty. Sooner or later, they contribute to a messy Christmas morning after, when gifts are opened, or items break in transit, or they tear and look awful. With corrugated containers, you and your customers can rest assured their gifts are safe and protected against the elements, they provide free advertising even if the packaging is slightly damaged, and they help your customers clean up the following day!

Corrugated Containers Will Protect Fragile Gifts

Corrugated containers are tough, durable, and stand up to the elements. Customers purchasing expensive and fragile gifts at your store do not want to stress about the state of the items when they arrive at their home, or even from your store entrance to the parking lot.

Not every business owner understands this and does not use strong enough packaging like corrugated containers. Items when packaged should be able to withstand the accidental fall to the ground, being splashed with water, and bumped around in the car on the way home. Not all packaging can withstand this, and therefore items break.

While other businesses wrap fragile items in newspaper or layers and layers of plastic, use corrugated containers to ensure customers’ peace of mind.

A Great Way to Expedite Cleanup the next Day

Whether you celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, many gifts are given. All that wrapping paper and packaging can leave a mess, ribbons and glitter get everywhere, and cleanup can seem daunting to any parent if they do not have corrugated containers.

By shipping or packaging your items in sturdy, durable boxes, you have also provided your customers with efficient cleanup stations. It is even better if your containers have lids to contain the debris! By using the corrugated containers that you ship customers their presents, they can quickly and efficiently re-use their containers as trash collection boxes, making cleanup a breeze.

Corrugated containers can even be re-flattened or placed inside other corrugated containers, making this type of packaging great for storage for all that new winter gear! By using the containers as storage, customers will be reminded of your store every time they enter the garage and the happy memories they had purchasing or receiving your gifts. Leave a smile on their faces this holiday season by switching to corrugated containers.

Free Advertising in the Biggest Sales Season of the Year

It is no secret that the winter season can be the difference between surviving and thriving for a business. After all, malls and store centers are packed and constantly busy for weeks. Everyone is searching for that new toy or specific gift for friends and family. However, just because a potential customer is interested in your inventory does not mean they will even enter your store.

If a customer does not know of your shop, it is a failure in effective advertising. You have not reached the potential market you could have, which results in artificially decreased sales. However, by using corrugated containers as mobile, free advertising spaces for your business, you can gain customers as they walk around looking for their special items.

Put your logo, slogan, or special stickers advertising sales and items at your store on your corrugated containers. When customers walk around with your packaged goods, or have them shipped to their houses, they are inadvertently advertising for you.

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