Transporting or Storing Products that Can Get Wet? Use Corrugated Containers

Cardboard is known for being used to transport dry goods. As a light, durable, and affordable packaging material, it is very easy to see why this is. However, corrugated cardboard can be used very efficiently to transport and store wet goods as well.

Corrugated cardboard containers are not just for dry goods. You can ship wet goods in them as well. Of course, it makes sense to use wax cardboard, or cardboard filled with a water-resistant liner to ensure that the cardboard remains durable and relatively dry.

You could be shipping anything from broccoli to lava lamps. The type of product is not as important as its potentiality to leak and cause its packaging to become wet. If you are transporting or storing goods in multiples, you know the benefit of ensuring your packaging remains dry.

Corrugated Containers Ontario - What Types of Products Can Get Wet?

Some products will eventually get wet. Items like bottles filled with liquid, for instance, can attract moisture. There is always a risk that such products can get wet and are therefore usually wrapped in plastic. However, it is okay to ship liquid-filled bottles in cardboard as well.

Any product can get wet though. Water can seep into a box. In warm environments, moisture can settle, forming a form of dew. There are many possibilities.

Corrugated Containers Burlington and the GTA - The Benefit of Using Corrugated Containers to Transport Wet Products

When transporting products, you need to ensure the durability of your products and their packaging from your post office or shipping center to the customer’s doorstep. If the product breaks due to water damage, or the container falls apart, you may need to replace the product in order to retain the customer.

You really need to overcompensate when determining the best packaging for transporting your products. A 50% increase in packaging costs can be lower than the cost of replacing products due to faulty weather conditions or product packaging. When considering your packaging, consider using corrugated cardboard with a liner or a wax coating.

The Benefit of Using Corrugated Containers to Store Wet Products

When storing products, you need to ensure that your products are not damaged while in storage. While some storage areas have set temperatures, and products are separated based on their properties, other storage areas are not. Regardless of your storage area setup, you need to ensure that your products, and even some of the product packaging, can get wet without leading to the product’s breakdown or failure.

Corrugated Cardboard is a Great Solution

Corrugated cardboard containers can solve this issue. You can purchase corrugated cardboard with a liner, or even a wax coating. In addition, corrugated cardboard containers can come with an insertable containment grid which will separate multiple products from each other in one box.

A good example of this is wine glasses. If you ever open a box of wine glasses, they are usually shipped with such a cardboard grid to ensure minimal damage to the glasses should the fragile box be mishandled during transportation or storage.

Brown Packaging | Corrugated Containers Ontario

Products can get wet during transport or storage. Due to this issue, you will need reinforced corrugated containers that can handle a little dampness, moisture or humidity. The durability of corrugated cardboard containers is very important to consider when choosing packaging materials. Brown Packaging understands this, and can help you, as we have helped countless store owners and operators in and around Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, Toronto and the GTA and their surrounding areas. For more information regarding the benefits of corrugated cardboard containers, please visit us online at our website today.