Trusted Corrugated Boxes

We love our customers, it’s true. Initially they may come to us with simple orders for corrugated boxes and through the years we come to know their business well enough to become a trusted solutions provider in corrugated products. For shipping, storing, packaging and merchandising we provide our clients with high quality construction, impactful creative, innovative design, exceptional cost effective value and unsurpassed customer service.   

Best Asset Is Our People

At Brown Packaging our people are our greatest strength and most valuable asset. Each day we look forward to helping customers achieve their goals by investigating, creating and providing solutions to ensure their success. From assisting clients with finding the perfect boxes from our catalogue that meet their requirements to helping them with issues such as inventory and distribution of high volume orders, we enjoy what we do and it shows in our work. We go the distance because we enjoy our customers’ success.

Solidifying Customer Relations

As we interact with and build solid relationships with our customers we gain the opportunity to discover more about their business, industry and goals. The information we obtain through our interactions with clients gives us the chance to be more valuable to them. We become a trusted source for reliable corrugated solutions and thus we are able to confidently put forth suggestions that most often translate into savings or gains. Since 1979 our business has steadily grown, and from day one our success has been and continues to be directly attributed to our customer satisfaction. If you’ve never dealt with us before, start with our website to discover more and give us a call to see how we can best work for you.

Each Customer Is Unique

New customers contacting us for the first time will be met with friendly, accommodating service, regardless of the products being sought and ordered. Many people will know exactly what they need having all the required dimensions and details at the ready to convey upon calling us. Others can be a bit vague maybe not even knowing where to start, just that their business needs boxes delivered by a certain date within a specific budget range. We are more than well equipped to deal with any situation, and we respect that each customer is unique and deserves the best customer service we have to offer.

Your Best Interest is in Our Mind

When we have the opportunity to speak up and point out areas of improvement and/or savings we do not hesitate to do so. We continuously have the customer’s best interest in mind and this translates into supportive, trusting, reliable relationships. Each and every order, whether custom or not, receives the detailed attention our customers deserve and have come to expect from us over the years. All our people, at every level of our business, take pride in their work and understand the importance of customer fulfillment and satisfaction.

New Customers Welcome

We always welcome new customers in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario, and look forward to assisting all clients with their goals. If you’re in the market for boxes and/or corrugated packaging and merchandising solutions, look no further than Brown Packaging for the best value in product and service. We look forward to showing you what we do best.