Use Quality Corrugated Containers to Safely Ship Your Products

When you are planning to ship your product, whether across the city or across the globe, you want to ensure your product arrives in its original condition with no damage.  Products arriving with damage from shipping will make customers doubt your professionalism and decrease the likelihood of repeat business.  By using corrugated containers to ship your products, you are guaranteeing the safe arrival of your products due to the strong, protective nature of these containers.  Made of paper, corrugated containers gain their strength by using many layers and inserting fluted sheets between them.  A standard sheet of corrugated board is made from three components: a sheet of corrugated fluted paper, sandwiched between an outside liner and an inside liner. Each side of the fluting is glued to a sheet of flat liner paper.  The gluing fixes the flutes and also gives the lightweight paper especially high stability.  This stability and strength is what sets corrugated containers apart from other types of containers.  The combination of lightweight and strong makes corrugated containers the best choice to ship your products anywhere in the world, worry free.  Brown Packaging is a corrugated container manufacturer that can help you assess your packaging needs and create the best packaging solution for your company.

Brown Packaging creates corrugated containers that are eco-friendly since they are highly recyclable. Environmental sustainability is important to us and we will work with the most eco-friendly materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our corrugated containers can also be customized with a design on the outside, to represent your company, brand and product.  By using colours and logos, make your corrugated container attractive and it will act as a marketing tool during shipping.  It is also great for storage!

Brown Packaging is a design and packaging company offering various services including corrugated containers manufacturing. We have been in business over 40 years, proudly serving Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and throughout Ontario.