Using Cardboard? Upgrade Your Packaging and Design!

Sally owns a store. She sells homemade products. Since Sally does not have a large manufacturing plant create her products (She assembles them by hand), she custom orders her product packaging from a local cardboard factory. Sally is a practical business owner who is fine with ordering a slightly-too-large cardboard box and filling it with packing peanuts to produce her products inside.

However, Sally wants her product packaging to look beautiful. Using the canvas of a typical cardboard corrugated box or container, she wants her products to still appeal to her customers.

Luckily for Sally, she has many available options to create great packaging starting with only a bland brown cardboard box.

Here are three options for her to consider.

Minimal Packaging and Design

Sometimes, it pays to only place a small amount of importance on the way a package looks. Take Amazon, for example. Their boxes are bland and brown beyond their simple Amazon logo. This is a great box design which many packaging designers should notice, because it is so simple and easy to remember. It also has great brand recognition for Amazon.

Sally can benefit from following Amazon’s example. She too can create a simple business logo and have the logo printed onto her product packaging. This is a simple and economical way to make her packaging appear better and more inviting to customers.

Use Stickers for Your Packaging and Design

Sometimes, you may need to think outside the box. One of the best ways to do this is to observe how products not related to your own are packaged. If you look at computer decals, they are very interesting. Essentially, laptop users buy large stickers which they place on the shell of their computer. These decals can show images, large illustrations, and more.

You could use the same approach to create unique packaging for your products. Creating your own stickers that show off your business will not cost a lot. Any packaging designer worth his or her salt will have a sticker maker.

The process of assembling this packaging is simple. First, you purchase cardboard boxes. Second, you place your custom-designed sticker(s) on the cardboard. You can either cover 100% of the surface area of the box, or you can place the stickers where ever you want, creating a sort of colorful, illustrative collage that looks cool.

Use Colored Cardboard

Cardboard can be colored. It does not all have to be brown. You can buy cardboard that is white, blue, pink, purple, great, and even orange. If a color exists, it can be applied to a cardboard box.

Colored cardboard is a great option for unique packaging. You do not need to pay for intricate, detailed designs, and your boxes can be used for a variety of purposes. You can even order colored boxed based on your client demographics and things that define these demographics, like popular holidays. You can celebrate Chinese New Year with red packaging, Christmas with green and red packaging, and Canada Day with red and white packaging. Preparing for the holidays has never been so simple!

Creating new and inviting packaging for your products is simple!

Like Sally, you can easily upgrade your packaging and design with a packaging and design manufacturer like Brown Packaging. We have helped business owners like Sally in and around Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, and the GTA, Ontario, and we can help you too! For more information, please visit us at our website today.