Using Corrugated Containers has Numerous Benefits

Corrugated containers are widely used by businesses across multiple industries for document storage and archiving. Offered in various shapes and sizes, our corrugated containers will keep your financial and business records and documents organized and safe. Among other packaging solutions, corrugated containers are by far the most cost-effective and reliable way to ensure that the product will reach its destination without any breakages and damages.

Corrugated containers are a great way to market a product due to the high level of visibility of their surfaces. Given the fact they are constantly travelling, promoting companies’ services and products by affixing logos and slogans to them is a smart strategy that can build value and promote the brand and products of a company in many different locations at an affordable price.

Successfully managing and completing the delivery process is a key factor to any business.  Using corrugated containers is not only a cost-effective way to deliver your product; it is also a safe and secure method, since the corrugated containers protect your products from damage.  Safely ship electronics, glass, ceramics and artwork in a strong corrugated container and proper cushioning material, and you will fully protect these fragile items.

Advantages of Using Corrugated Containers

There are many advantages to using corrugated containers for all your company’s shipping and storage needs, including the following:

  • Corrugated containers are water resistant
  • Corrugated Containers are durable and can be re-used.
  • Corrugated containers are cost-effective
  • Corrugated Containers are eco-friendly and easy to recycle.
  • Corrugated containers are reliable
  • Corrugated Containers are sturdy and rigid which allows companies to stack them onto pallets without any risk of crushing or damaging the contents

Brown Packaging is an industry leader in manufacturing corrugated containers. We have over 40 years of experience and this enables us to create unique corrugated containers for our clients, on time and on budget.  Brown Packaging works with our customers by helping create and design corrugated containers to meet all shipping and storage needs. Our dedicated, professional team of designers can assess your requirements and help design the best corrugated container for your business.

Brown Packaging proudly serves Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and throughout Ontario.