We Have the Corrugated Containers You Need

At Brown Packaging, we have the corrugated solutions you need. And if we don’t have it readily available for you in our catalogue, we have talented designers and innovative production to quickly assemble exactly what you require. The corrugated containers you need are but a phone call away. Contact us or visit our website to discover the cost effective solutions we provide.

Shipping Drama

Many of our customers approach us with shipping issues and transportation restrictions in moving their product and parts throughout the world. Those shipping large industrial parts, machinery and components often have weight or dimensional restrictions, freight cost issues and internal container packing concerns with regards to the protection of all contents. Corrugated containers offer reliable, cost effective solutions to shipping and transportation concerns, which is why so many more importers and exporters are favouring the use of it.

Not Exactly Corrugated Containers

A few of our customers have come to us with the need for corrugated surrounding walls for protection, not exactly an enclosed container. Some of them ship very large items overseas, like generators, engines and industrial machinery. In situations such as these, the items would be paletted and shrink wrapped after the corrugated walls were strapped in place. With the dimensional specs and details of the customer’s items in hand, our designers create solutions that surpass goals, and our production team ensures the manufacturing is reliable and well constructed.

Flexibility of Material and Design

Flexibility is of benefit when it comes to the design and production of corrugated containers. We thrive on being innovative and intuitive, offering our customer’s optimal solutions customized to best fit with their objective and budget. Understand that flexibility offers customer savings, in that we at Brown Packaging have almost 40 years of experience under our design and manufacturing belt to draw from, and that knowledge alone saves on the bottom line. We have created countless corrugated solutions for a plethora of companies in practically every industry, and we continue to learn and grow with each and every satisfied customer. If there’s a better, more beneficial and efficient way to do something, we don’t hesitate to act as we strive to exceed our customer expectations.

Exceeding Expectations In Ontario

Regardless of your industry or budget, chances are we have the containers and corrugated solutions you need at Brown Packaging. Almost four decades of successful order fulfillment to satisfied customers in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and throughout Ontario has afforded us a reliable reputation in our industry. Our impeccable customer service makes us a value added choice for your company, . Give us a call and share with us what you seek to achieve. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

We value our ability, in best resources, talent and practices, to continually be responsive to the needs and goals of all our customers.