What Consumers Look for in Packaging and Design

Packaging and design is the final frontier for a company’s products. By this point, a company has completed research and development, the manufacturing process, advertising, and all other facets relating to the development and creation of a product. When a consumer buys your product, all they see is packaging and design. Brown Packaging is a packaging and design manufacturer that understands the industry and how to help a business properly promote its product.

What do consumers look for when they purchase a product? Most companies focus on brand promotion in their packaging and design. While this is important, and many consumers do make their choices based solely on brands, shoving a brand down a consumer’s throat will turn them away from your wonderful products. Let the product sell itself and the brand will come with it.

When deciding on packaging and design for your product, you must establish the right balance of information, branding, graphics, and other design elements. A product must quickly be able to explain its purpose, the company behind it, and provide a certain level of access for a consumer. You only have a few moments to convince a customer to buy your product and if you fail to harness their attention, they will move on.

Consumers want to be called out through packaging and design. In fact, they need to be told why your version of a product is better than everyone else’s. Perhaps you offer a healthier alternative, maybe it’s cheaper, or maybe you use higher quality ingredients. Being honest and telling your consumers this information will lead to a sale and it will help you develop brand loyalty.

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