What's the Point of Point of Purchase Displays?

We see point of purchase displays littered throughout most stores in North America. Point of purchase display manufacturers shove them down our throat because they are effective. Why are they so effective? Point of purchase displays are successful because they target a consumer when they are facing a specific emotional state related to their shopping experience. Point of purchase displays are all about location and feelings. For example, if we are checking out at a gas station, it is common to see point of purchase displays that advertise chewing gum, chocolate bars, or some other type of candy. When you are at a grocery store, point of purchase displays litter the aisles promoting certain products or specific promotions.

Besides location, point of purchase display manufacturers also rely on vivid colors and catchy slogans when creating point of purchase displays. These bright and attractive colors capture the attention of a shopper and draw them towards the product.

We mentioned that point of purchase displays play on the emotions of a shopper. The emotions they influence are convenience and comfort, financial security, esteem, love and belonging, safety for self and others, self-actualization, and overall enjoyment. When a shopper considers purchasing a product, they weigh all of these important factors. Point of purchase displays can influence several of these emotions all at once through the use of catchy slogans, a discount or promotion, the use of strong colors, and through the use of an idol or pop-culture icon. The goal of point of purchase displays is to grab your attention and to close the deal.

Brown Packaging, like other point of purchase display manufacturers has been supplying the GTA and The Golden Horse Shoe with point of purchase displays for over 30 years. Our company is located in Burlington, Ontario, but we provide point of purchase displays for all types of businesses and industries.