Why Corrugated Containers are Great for Small Business Owners

Not sure which product packaging to purchase? Does this scenario seem familiar to you?

Bob has products that he needs to ship. These products vary in size, shape, and fragility. Bob needs a unified product packaging solution that will help him ship his products to his customers in durable and strong packaging. To keep costs down, Bob needs one solution. Choosing one type of packaging is also a branding issue, since uniformity is a great asset to have in business.

Small business owners have a lot to consider when running a business. Operating costs need to be considered, product and inventory management need to be consider, and even product packaging needs to be considered.

When it comes to product packaging, you need the best. You need a form of packaging that is both lightweight and strong, durable yet snug enough to ensure that your products are protected and comfortable on their way to their customers. Corrugated cardboard containers can help you with these product packaging requirements.

Corrugated Containers Are Great for Product Protection

Consider all the products that you have in your inventory. If you are like most small business owners, these products vary in size, shape, and fragility. You may sell everything from keychain trinkets to washing machines. You need product packaging that can protect your products as they are transported from your store or shipping center, to the customer’s home.

This is a situation which every small business owner must face at least once in his or her business’s lifetime. If a product is not protected well enough, it may need to be replaced. Replacing product after product after product will get tiring, and will reduce your profits over time.

Corrugated cardboard containers are known for their durability. This is why many people use corrugated cardboard containers and boxes in many industries, from legal firms protecting paper documents, to moving services shipping personal belongings across the country. Every product can benefit from well-constructed corrugated packaging that is specially designed to fit that product.

What Makes Corrugated Containers So Strong?

There are several factors that make corrugated cardboard containers so strong. Each of these factors on its own would provide durability and stability to any form of packaging. However, few forms of packaging include all these factors at once, making corrugated cardboard containers a very special form of packaging. This is even before you consider how affordable corrugated cardboard container are to purchase.

Some of the factors that determine the strength of corrugated cardboard include:

  1. Multiple layers
  2. Fluting between layers
  3. Lightweight construction
  4. Snug fit for products
  5. Protection against moisture and wetness
  6. Flat surface with enough strength for stacking
  7. The ability to be packed with foam, newspaper, packing peanuts, etc.

Cardboard also holds up really well against human error. You can cut and slice cardboard, drop drinks and paperweights on it, and more, and it will still hold up. No matter what you do to a cardboard box (within reason), it will still be able to provide protection to its contents.

When it comes to choosing a packaging that is strong enough and durable enough for your needs, you should consider using corrugated containers.  Brown Packaging has helped many clients design strong and durable corrugated cardboard containers in and around Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, and the GTA, Ontario. For more information, you can contact us online at our website today.

When you use corrugated cardboard, you receive the following benefits:

  1. Strong and durable product packaging
  2. An affordable form of packaging that will not break your budget
  3. The surefire knowledge that your product packaging will withstand the most common issues in shipping, from spills to drops and dents