Why You Should Use Corrugated Boxes for Their Light Weight

When considering which type of packaging to use for your products, you should keep in mind the weight of your products, the strength requirements of the packaging you will need, and the weight of the product and packaging overall. Whether you are shipping your products nationally and internationally, or your customers are walking them out to their cars, the weight matters.

A product that is too heavy will incur excessive shipping and handling charges if it is shipped. A product that is too heavy will annoy customers, who will start looking for lighter variations of your product with competitors before returning it.

The Value in Corrugated Boxes’ Weight

Corrugated boxes, made out of layered cardboard, are light in weight. They are easy to store and easy to ship products in. Even if you use packing peanuts or you have modified your corrugated boxes to better fit your products, the weight of these boxes will be attractive to customers. The lower the weight, the easier the product is to handle. The last thing customers want to do is to struggle carrying your product home.

Corrugated Boxes Are Better than Other Light Forms of Packaging

Many forms of packaging are light. If weight was the only factor that mattered, every business and store would use paper or plastic to ship their products. However, the strength of a product’s packaging is equally as important as its weight. Together, a package’s weight and strength determine whether it is purchased and used by a store owner.

Corrugated boxes are extremely strong for their weight. Manufacturers even ship refrigerators and other large, heavy kitchen appliances in corrugated cardboard boxes! It will be rare that your products outweigh them.

Paper packaging can tear or wet easily, damaging the products inside. Plastic packaging is vulnerable to heat and can melt, ruining the outer surface of your product. You need to use a packaging you can trust to not only ship your product safely, but also be able to handle the demands of doing so. Corrugated boxes are the best and most affordable option to use. Consider purchasing them for your business’s products today.

The Replacement Factor

A packaging’s weight and strength will determine how likely it is you will need to replace it, if your stored packaging is ruined. This is an unnecessary expense every business should seek to minimize as much as possible. With corrugated boxes, you will not need to replace them as much as other packaging materials. Their strength allows them to withstand being dropped accidentally. Their weight means you can store them off the ground in your business’s storage area, which is essential when keeping dust and grime away from your packaging while it is not in use.

Cardboard packaging can withstand amazing amounts of abuse and customers know this. When you provide cardboard corrugated packaging for your products, customers understand that your foremost priority is to ensuring your products are safe while in transit. To the customer, that is what matters most.

In addition, because your corrugated boxes are protecting your products so well, there will be less customer returns for things like cosmetic defects or dings and dents. By using light, yet strong, packaging, you ensure that your products arrive to your customers in the same state they were in once they left your shelves. There are no surprises. This makes for happy customers, and happy customers are loyal customers.

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