Your Packaging and Design in 2017

Have you got anything exciting happening with your brand in 2017?! Are you in the market for some product hype, maybe even a new look and feel?! Consider examining your packaging and design to discover any untapped potential. You’d be surprised to discover how much of an affect packaging has on your product, the repurchasing of it and the word-of-mouth advertising, good or bad, for your brand. With social media so prevalent in consumer spending consciousness, ‘word-of-mouth’ reveals itself in ‘type-of-post’. Consumer goods information is constantly being shared and posted in social media networks by way of comments, images or even videos. Consumers generate their own personal marketing and advertising of products they enjoy using and consuming, or despise and seek to inform others not to bother purchasing.

Consumers on Social Media

Effective marketing and advertising begins with the product itself. If you’ve got a good product it can insight priceless word-of-mouth advertising which nowadays translates into organic social media content. Product packaging will also have an impact on natural promoting of a brand. Countless consumers have created a plethora of videos on a wide variety of goods and uploaded them to their YouTube and social media accounts… without a single advertising dollar being spent. The majority of these uploaded videos are of items being unpacked, opened directly from their initial product packaging, and assembled or demonstrated in use where applicable. Comments are continuously being made about the packaging and design of these videoed products. The ease or difficulty of accessing the item/s, the clever or thoughtless usage of packaging, even the printed imaging and product information is commented on. Intelligent package design is almost always praised, while over usage of plastics or needless fillers is frowned upon and even condemned as an “I won’t be buying this again”. The entirety of the product is being scrutinized from packaging to set up (if required) to usage, and these ‘user experience’ videos have become an influence in consumer purchasing like never before. As a well experienced packaging and design manufacturer in business for over four decades, we understand the importance of product packaging in a heavily influenced consumer information arena that is the internet.

Word of Mouth Advertising

More consumer effort is being made online to research products before purchasing, regardless if purchases are made in a physical or virtual retail environment. Large ticket items, such as appliances and electronics, garner more investigation prior to purchase, and many enjoy perusing user experience videos, online testimonials and social media comments and posts before spending their money. With family and friends communicating more online with each other these days via social media, conversation posts can be viewed by many and information is shared, including word-of-mouth advertising for products both good and bad. No area is off limits when it comes to consumer comments being shared online. From good business practices, commitment to environmental responsibility, customer service, to the packaging, value and quality of products themselves, everything is up for examination and scrutiny. All of it is shared on social media and every comment has the ability to affect purchasing decisions. Our designers at Brown Packaging have the talent, experience and passion to create maximum effectiveness and efficiency in product packaging and design that satisfies both consumer and brand goals.

Designing Your Goals

Your goals translate into our designs to successfully create positive impact in the packaging of your products. Whether you need a design for a single specific SKU or an entire product line where a cohesive look and feel is required, we have the know-how to facilitate, satisfy and even exceed your expectations. For all your corrugated packaging needs in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario, contact us or visit our website to discover more.